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  • CRM TravelTourism software

    Software designed for travel agencies, meant to help them manage offer requests, orders, relationships with clients, tourists and suppliers.

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  • Credit GenieCrediting software

    A solution that does the automatic lending process and monitoring of the activity via reports

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  • CRM / VoIPCall center products

    Customers and potential clients' management, companies-related information, products, telemarketing, telesales, sales, tasks, events or tickets.

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  • BMSLow voltage

    The Building Management System (BMS) is the ideal management solution for modern constructions bound to optimal parameters

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Travel Genie


Travel Genie is a complete and complex software solution for tourism. The target is leisure based tour operators / travel / tourism agencies of all sizes. It works as an expert, delivering solutions for easy management of production, on-line distribution, on-line sales, CRM and all of adjacent tour operators flows. It was brought into service for the first time in 2007 and since then it is successfully used by more tour operators.

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Travel Genie solution is split in modules, depending on the main responsabilities:

  • Administration module - used by the tour operator managers. The main features of this desktop application are the management of the supplier’s contracts, the designing of the production process/special offers/packages and the administration of the other modules

  • Back Office - Module used by the tour operator’s employees (in the main and branch offices). The main responsibilities of this Web Based module are the orders and booking management, the selling of the touristic product and CRM

  • Dealer Office - B2B (Business to Business) module, used by the reselling partners’ employees. It is a Web Based application that has as a main tasks the ordering/booking process, the control over the personal bookings and the display of the tour operator’s product in a detailed and accurate manner

  • Web order - B2C (Business to Customer) module. It is a Web Based module used by the direct customers for creating online real time bookings/orders and for e-payment

  • MerlinX Web Service - The service allows the MerlinX software to collect the tour operator's offers/touristic package/content in real time


Travel Genie basic features:

  • Production process – the designing of touristic packages (stays)

  • Order management (by phone, on-line, by fax, by e-mail)

  • Booking management

  • Document builder and DMS (Document Management System)

  • The management of other entities connected with a tourism operator’s activity:post, partners, commission policies, strategies for increasing the client base, catalogues, special offers, assurances, discounts, employees, security, etc.

  • Detailed reporting - rooming list, final list, report controlling, financial, statistics, etc.

  • Possibility of integration with any ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or Financial system

  • MerlinX integration - the touristic package gets automatically in the MerlinX data base

  • Possibility of customisation or integration with other systems


  • The functionalities that the Dealer Office (B2B) module offers: - product’s complete and detailed real time lay-out, advanced offer search, online booking, etc. – it has an advantage that puts us ahead of our competition which doesn’t posses a B2B system; this determines a significant increase of sales.

  • The increse of sales is also determined by the efficient administration of the openings and CRM functionalities. No potential client is overlooked.

  • The relation with reselling partners and direct customers is improved through to the CRM functionalities which are natively built into the Back Office and are perfectly adjusted to tourism operations.

  • The quality of the offered services is high because the system minimizes any posibility of human mistakes and reduces the employees’ response time by using different methods to notify the important events (confirmations, order taking, mail, openings, actual occupancy limits, etc).

  • Travel Genie simplifies the users’ work, even better if it is built into an accounting system.

  • The system was designed to make sales and distribution efficient. It is no longer necessary for the front office users to get lost in technical details, to calculate or to worry about over booking. The manager has the possibility to cofigure the comission policies, the calculation formula, cappacities and limits, etc. at the system level so that all the sale oriented modules work together according to his guidance.