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    Software designed for travel agencies, meant to help them manage offer requests, orders, relationships with clients, tourists and suppliers.

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    A solution that does the automatic lending process and monitoring of the activity via reports

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    Customers and potential clients' management, companies-related information, products, telemarketing, telesales, sales, tasks, events or tickets.

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    The Building Management System (BMS) is the ideal management solution for modern constructions bound to optimal parameters

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Genie Sales - SFA


Genie Sales has been specifically designed for companies which prioritize sales as a major component of their activity and wish to better coordinate the work of their agents on the field. Using PDAs and integration with the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution implemented in the company, Genie Sales enables sales to become automatic.

The Green Computers solution consists of two modules: one application for module terminals which addresses to agents in the field, and a back-office application, for coordinators in the main headquarters. Together, the two modules make sales activities automatic, while procedures observe several pre-established stages.

Data gathering from potential customers

First of all, an agent contacts a potential client for the company. Client’s data is entered on the PDA, then data is synchronized and sent to the Genie Sales server, from where they are exported to the ERP solution. The potential client is then validated, and the server assigns the client to a sales agent, depending on the availability.
At the same time, in order to agree to certain discounts, potential clients (or existing ones) are categorized.


Agents are split per areas of activity, and the information used for identifying customers contains a field dedicated to the agent who manages specific clients. To gather orders, the product directory is copied onto the PDA (grouped in categories and subsections with adjacent descriptions), as well as stocks, updated with every synchronization with the server.
Once sent, the orders’ implicit deadline is the day consequent to the visit, but the agent can change this date. In addition, the agent can give discounts, according to the company policy – as established by back-office colleagues with such administration rights. As far as deadlines are concerned, the back-office can establish them, or they can be imported from the ERP software, the agent’s rights being solely to consult, not modify them.

Gathering orders can have the following restrictions:

  • - failure to pay: depending on the value of the unpaid bills, a client can be blocked; the ban can be lifted on command;

  • - the minimal amount: the system will not accept orders that are either too small in terms of value or quantity:


Billing is exported from the ERP system to the Genie Sales server, and agents can record the money transfer on their terminals. The balance is put up according to the FIFO principle (first in – first out), but the agent can specify, at the demand of the client, the serial number of the invoice(s) that need to be covered for one payment. As far as cash-ins proper are concerned, the agent can select from cash, cheque, etc.


Agents have the possibility to run marketing operations, such as handing in promotional materials and making surveys. In the first case, the terminal imports from the Genie Sales base a directory with promotional items, and the agent configures the materials and the amounts delivered, the addressee and the date. In the second case, multiple choice surveys are sent to the server (where they have been previously configured) for making reports.


Agents whose terminals have photo cameras can take pictures of the products. These are sent to the base, together with the name of the client and the date they were taken, for further analysis.


Two methods are used to synchronize mobile terminals with the Genie Sales central service: GSM – GPRS connection or connecting the terminal to a computer and using an internal Internet connection over a VPN channel.
The synchronization offers the possibility to choose between the type of data sent – upload operations can be customized as orders, third-parties, cash-ins, etc., and download as directories, third-parties, unpaid bills and others.


Agents have the possibility to draw activity reports directly from their terminals.