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Genie File - DMS (Document Management System)


Time is measured in money. This is true especially for businesspeople. Red tape and bureaucracy are inherent parts of everyday life, and also work as greedy time-consumers. To address these issues, Green Computers has launched Genie File, a system designed for managing and accelerating communication flows, using latest-generation technologies.

Genie File benefits from its open architecture, being capable of full integration with future ERP systems and thus providing high degrees of protection to the investment.

Genie File is managing any issues related to documents, enabling high-level control of the information flow throughout its lifecycle, from drafting documents to archiving.

Access to information is secured, access-level based, and information is stored in safe conditions, backed-up by fail-proof strategies to tackle hardware failure.


First of all, Genie File stands alone due to its intuitive interface and simple procedures. It is delivered in full integration with Microsoft® Office – Word, Excel and Power Point –, the Microsoft® Outlook e-mail client, Microsoft® Windows® operating system and Windows® 2003 security. It benefits from top quality engines and it is easily accessible for operations such as searching and finding information from heterogeneous repositories; search is based on multiple criteria, such as document attributes or key words in their content.

Genie File manages the entire document flow: draft, approval, access rights-based release, archiving. Documents can have multiple authors, talk groups and support comments, and the system guards all documents versions, writers’ actions and their lifecycle logs.

The system is secured for both local and remote access, and Genie File is completely integrated with security and access policies to resources implemented in Windows® 2003 networks. Moreover, information can be accessed based on user and group rights.

As far as repositories are concerned, a unique access portal facilitates communication from within the organization, independently of its location, and can track documents via its logs of current, active and passive files. Genie File includes database management systems developed with Microsoft® Web Storage, Microsoft® SQL Server 2003 or magnetic tapes, and data recovery is designed to fight off failures in the hardware.

Moreover, Genie File is capable of receiving variable numbers of users as the organization grows. Security can be enhanced with the use of smartcards, public/private access keys, and documents can be encrypted into archives. The documents can be approved by electronic signature facilities.