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  • CRM TravelTourism software

    Software designed for travel agencies, meant to help them manage offer requests, orders, relationships with clients, tourists and suppliers.

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  • Credit GenieCrediting software

    A solution that does the automatic lending process and monitoring of the activity via reports

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  • CRM / VoIPCall center products

    Customers and potential clients' management, companies-related information, products, telemarketing, telesales, sales, tasks, events or tickets.

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  • BMSLow voltage

    The Building Management System (BMS) is the ideal management solution for modern constructions bound to optimal parameters

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CRM Travel


As tourism is a highly competitive field, the use of software specifically designed for travel agencies boosts the efficiency of the agency and can allow it to outperform its competitors. For an optimal interaction with clients, tourists and suppliers, as well as significant time savings in performing tasks, CRM Travel is the ideal solution.


CRM Travel was created by Green Computers in order to satisfy the specific needs of travel agencies. Our software organizes information and automates procedures allowing the agency to:

  • manage clients, tourists and suppliers

  • manage offer requests through tasks, tickets and events

  • manage orders / reservations

  • documents export

  • manage invoices, payments and collections

  • generate specific and precise reports

CRM Travel simplifies daily tasks:

  • Calendar – Tasks – Tickets – Events: each user can follow and manage his own activities and events. Tasks and tickets attributed to him by another user (manager) are automatically imported.

  • Filters: users can create filters for any entity in the system (client, supplier, order, invoice, collection...), using relevant criteria.

  • Information – Search: CRM Travel includes a search engine, allowing users to find information based on the attributes of an entity. The application also includes a quick menu that is different for each user, based on his role and his rights.

CRM Travel allows users to save time while performing some punctual tasks

  • Mass notifications: CRM Travel allows users to send mass emails or SMS to a list of partners. Emails and SMS follow a template defined by the user and can be customized with the recipient’s personal data.

  • Surveys and phone scripts: CRM Travel helps user set up surveys and manage client responses. Users can also use tree-type phone scripts in order to approach clients: the following questions automatically adapt to the previous answers.

  • Programmed activities: the application allows users to automatically program certain activities (notifications, tasks, alerts...). For instance: sending an SMS to clients on their birthday, sending an email to all partners for Christmas, automatically generating tasks for clients meeting certain criteria, etc.

CRM Travel is integrated with two touroperators and is soon to be integrated with insurers:

  • Integration with touroperators: presently, CRM Travel is integrated with Kartago Tours and Prestige Tour. The application allows users to import reservations directly from the touroperator’s system so they no longer need to add manually articles in CRM Travel. The reservation is imported automatically, as well as the supplier’s invoice.

  • Integration with insurers (coming soon): CRM Travel will allow users to add insurances for their clients and automatically export them into the insurer’s system. The insurance policy (.pdf document) is automatically imported in CRM Travel and can be downloaded from the client’s order page.


By using CRM Travel, an application specifically designed for travel agencies, you save a considerable amount of time and therefore your company’s productivity increases:

  • The collection of information and the quick access to it not only allows you to retain customers and to increase your client portfolio, but also lengthens their life cycle (successive purchase of touristic services).

  • The automation of procedures and reports exempts agents from a large amount of data processing and enhances their efficiency, allowing them to focus on clients and potential clients.

Moreover, the reports generated with CRM Travel are very precise and allow the analysis of the agency’s activity.

Once the application is configured in order to comply with the specific needs of the agency, CRM Travel is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface, and allows a more fluid collaboration between all users.


CRM Travel can be installed in two different ways, according to the client’s preferences. For both versions, our clients will automatically benefit from regular updates, new features and improvements brought to the product gradually, at no extra cost.

The two available options are the following:

  • Private Software: The software’s modules and database are installed on the client’s servers. The client’s team can access the application at the office or online, with their username and password.

  • Software as a Service: The software’s modules and database are hosted in Green Computers’ data center. The client’s team can access the application online, with their username and password.


Green Computers implemented customized software for top travel agencies and touroperators in Romania, starting 2007. Those experiences led us to design CRM Travel, a real business solution meant to boost the performance of travel agencies.