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Genie Partener - CRM (Customer Relasionship Management)

DESCRIPTION - For a detailed description of our CRM product pls acces our dedicated site Green CRM

Optimal interaction with your customers and business partners is facilitated by your knowledge about them, and Genie Partner is the CRM solution (Customer Relationship Management) which is here to help you.

Your virtual partner is a process mediated by a set of technological information, which facilitates mutual exchange of information with the customers. You can learn their necessities, needs and consumption habits, and you will thus be able to change the development strategy to keep up with the fast pace of the market. This way, CRM helps companies understand, but also anticipate the needs of the actual and potential clients.

Genie Partner manages clients, events and assistance activities and enables you to administer various information: clients, sales, marketing assessment, response rates, market evolution.

Genie Partner has been specifically designed for the long-term selection and management of customers. The process brings a constructive contribution to business development by making best use of technology and human resources, with the help of which diverse information can be learned on the customers’ behavior and the benefits they can bring to your enterprise.

The application has been devised for large and medium-size enterprises and benefits from the user-friendly interface, which can be personalized. Moreover, user access depends on access rights.

This virtual partner provides tools for managing customers and potential clients, companies-related information, products, sales, tasks, events or tickets.

In addition, the system can draw personalized reports for better understanding certain specified parameters, such as operators’ efficiency or feedback from customers.

The process handles:

  • Customer management

  • Events management

  • Operators' assistance

The application is installed on a main server (at the clients' headquarters) and it can be accessed through a web browser. This gives a high flexibility to the users who travel. An internet connected computer (desktop or laptop) is all you need for access.

The companies that use CRM systems can shortly obtain results for:

  • Keeping the old clients and obtaining new ones.

  • Absolute growth and maximization of the clients' "life cicle". Clients can come back for other products.

  • Improving the services by customizing them.

Consequently, together with Genie Partner, you can define efficient marketing, sales and services strategies.


Together with Genie Voice - VOIP, our CRM can:

  • Take phone calls

  • Initialize phone calls

  • Reports - made/received calls list

For more details go to Genie Voice - VOIP