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  • CRM TravelTourism software

    Software designed for travel agencies, meant to help them manage offer requests, orders, relationships with clients, tourists and suppliers.

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  • Credit GenieCrediting software

    A solution that does the automatic lending process and monitoring of the activity via reports

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  • CRM / VoIPCall center products

    Customers and potential clients' management, companies-related information, products, telemarketing, telesales, sales, tasks, events or tickets.

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  • BMSLow voltage

    The Building Management System (BMS) is the ideal management solution for modern constructions bound to optimal parameters

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Credit Genie


If you work in the same business, you are all too aware of the importance of using customized software. Credit Genie is unique, since it is not just a personalized, but a complete solution. Moreover, credit flows observe legislation in force, and adaptation to existing working methodologies in your company can be achieved after simple configurations. The application can be used by all the company departments and can cover all required operations, from the identification of potential clients to defining loans, documentation, administration and accounting.


  • Database server: Microsoft® SQL 2000

  • Language: C# (.NET Framework 1.1)

  • The document management system: solution built on the SharePoint Portal 2000 platform, integrated with the crediting application and Microsoft® Office

  • Reporting: Crystal Reports;export facilities directly in Microsoft® Excel.

Credit Genie modules:


    Client Screening is a desktop client addressed to front-office employees, which includes credit initiation mechanisms, documentation, assessment of real estate and decision-making support. The monitoring functionality of the finance sources is included in this module and stands for a basic component, but it is however part of a new module, currently under development.
    InfoTel: Helps to gather basic information whenever a client calls for the first time: name, telephone, the desired credit, the marketing channel that facilitated the information.
    M1 Form: Gathers more complex information, based on a form filled in by the customer – the credit purpose, more personal information, properties, solvability.
    Credit application: Used for gathering the applicant’s full personal information and defining the credit object; management of applications.
    Credit files: Enables the documentation of credits and decisional support – credits are initiated based on configurable patterns. Features available for this segment include:
    - list of required documents;
    -evaluation report;
    - analyses;
    - installments management;
    - payment plan;
    - pre-approval form;
    - credit offer;
    - final approval form;
    - contracts;
    - granting form.
    After filling in every step, the user can generate Word documents that are automatically sent to the Documents Management System.
    Reporting and statistics:Reports, with a high degree of complexity, are generated individually, on customers’ demand. The application includes a set of detailed reports for portfolios, statuses and activities, as well as syntheses and analyses.


    This is a desktop client for the back-office and for accounting, which manages all activities related to granting and pursuing loans.
    Granting loans: Credits are managed, counted and paid. Granting credits becomes significantly easier with the definition and management of warrantees and payment details, as well as the highlight and commission facilities.
    Credits processing and services: Access to specific procedures: credit reimbursement, late payments and penalties management, recalculation reimbursement plan, clients’ financial history.
    Accounting: Bank accounting features; account, balances and accounting reports management.
    Credit patterns: The back-office is in charge of the maintenance of the credit patterns used for defining loans, used as base for credit definition, for unified control. Consequently, an operator will be able to define the new credits with a simple click of a button.


    Implicitly, an application user is deprived of access rights. To work with the program, users are granted access rights to one or several levels, such as: customer operator, loan officer, credit manager, assignation officer, back-office officer, back-office manager, accountant, directory operator and others.
    A user’s standard access refers solely to M1 / Applications / Files, which are explicitly assigned to him/her. Moreover, privileged users have special access rights, such as “view all” / “access all”.
    To ensure confidentiality of data, every client can be invested with high security levels. In addition, the application users can have up to one security level assigned individually.